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Emergency and Exit Lights

At some point, you’re bound to experience a power outage — and of course there’s always the possibility of an emergency. And when that time comes, it’s crucial that your emergency lights and exit signs are fully operational, to help guide your building occupants to safety. But functioning lights leading to safe evacuation don’t happen by accident. It takes diligence and know how.

Texasway Fire Protection inspects, repairs, and installs emergency exit lighting as well as provides light bulb replacement, and battery replacement for emergency exit lights in the Greater Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Monthly inspections.
Your emergency lights and exit signs must undergo a 30-second test every month. Your technician will complete this test, and provide record keeping for the fire department.

Annual inspections.
Regulations require that emergency lights simulate being on battery backup for 90 minutes every year. Your technician will take care of this for you as well as inspecting your equipment and provide detailed record keeping.

Texas Fireway Protection can help you with your emergency exit lighting as well as provide you with a complete building inspection, noting any recommendations of any fire and safety hazards that may exist.